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    Adult Weighted Blankets

    Rest easy.  Sleep well.

    The Best Sleep you’ve ever had is “weighting” here for you!

    Tossing and turning at night, all tangled in your sweaty bed sheets, with endless worries running through your brain like a runaway train?

    Watching the minutes tick by of your valuable, restorative rest time, but still you just can’t fall sleep?

    Your busy life doesn’t always allow the requisite eight hours so why can’t you make the most of the sleep time you have?

    Sleep is our time to heal and rejuvenate mentally, physically and emotionally.  Sleep has been linked to reducing stress, preventing cancer, heart and stroke incidents. Getting a proper sleep even helps you manage your weight.

    You owe to yourself and your loved ones not to miss a minute more.

    Get the revitalizing rest you deserve with our selection of weighted blankets.

    Blankets that soothe, swaddle and secure you like a loved one’s embrace.

    Sleep.  It’s not a fairy tale.


    Adult Weighted Blanket