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    Snugabulzzz™ Weighted Plush Elephants

    Once upon a time in the sleepy Blue Hills of the kingdom of Sarepta, there lived a colony of snuggable, huggable elephants.

    Some say they live there still….

    Balula is loyal, brave and strong. Standing by your side, he keeps you safe and chases away your fears. He is your best friend when times get tough.

    Nobody celebrates birthdays better than Balula! Your birthday is his favourite day of the year.

    Balula helps you build confidence, act with wisdom, and, above all, trust in Goodness and have faith.                   





    Navin is kind, caring and compassionate. He helps you through times when you’re feeling shy, uncomfortable and alone, because Navin loves you very much no matter what, just the way you are.

    Navin brings you hope, joy, friendship, and self-acceptance.




    Avery makes everything possible! She is creative, enchanting, inspiring and full of surprises.   

    Avery brings you excitement and fun. She loves to see you drawing, as well as

    reading and writing stories. She is your best friend to bring with you on new adventures.

    Avery helps you stay positive and believe the unbelievable!






    Nelle radiates happiness, energy, and positive action. She makes everything seem sunny!

    With Nelle by your side, you will have friendship and comfort whenever and wherever you need it.  

    She helps you know the sun is always there even when it’s hiding behind the clouds.




    Silva is kind, calming, generous, and soothing. She brings you good luck and helps you attract the people and things you would like to be part of your life.

    Silva helps you think deeply and make good decisions. She helps you save your money and spend it wisely.

    A favourite of grandmas and grandpas everywhere, Silva loves to go with you when you visit them.



    Thanks to the magic of the Amazing Grammas in the kingdom of Sarepta, all five Snugabulzzz™ Elephants can now go home with you!

    Made of all non-toxic materials, our elephant offspring are 24” tall and approximately 4lbs. Each one is lovingly created from cotton, satisfyingly stuffed with polyester fiberfill and weighted with plastic pellet-filled bean bags.

    They happily enjoy any necessary visit to the washing machine watering hole! Once they’ve bathed in COLD water on the gentle cycle, they like to lay flat for a while to dry. After a quick fluff up playing in the dryer at low heat, they are good as new and up for fun again!

    Each Snugabulzzz™ Elephant comes complete with an introduction and adoption card. Go ahead, collect all 5!  All at once, or one or two at a time, it’s your choice.

    Together, you all can live, laugh, love

    and sleep happily ever after!!!

    $79.00 CAD $59.00 CAD
    $79.00 CAD $59.00 CAD
    $79.00 CAD $59.00 CAD
    $79.00 CAD $59.00 CAD