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    Who is Blue Hill Sleep Co.?

    We are a Canadian based company dedicated to providing a natural solution for relaxation and great sleep!  Why?  Because the world is a nicer place when we not all cranky and surviving on coffee!

    Quality is our top priority and we've taken the time to make sure we are delivering a great quality weighted blanket that will help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, insomnia and other conditions leading to poor quality sleep and restlessness for you, our customer.

    Why don't you make Queen and King size blankets?

    Weighted blankets are designed to be used by one person only as it is the only way to experience the full benefits of the Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation that a weighted blanket can provide.  

    Is the blanket machine washable?

    Yes, both the inner layer and the outer shell are machine washable.  The outer cover can be washed as often as necessary.  Take care when washing the inner blanket.  Wash on gentle cycle in cold water.  Oh, and don't forget to ensure that your washer can handle the extra weight!

    I get overheated with conventional blankets. Will this blanket be too hot?

    The luxurious minky is removable.  Remove it during warmer months to stay cool. 

    Can I share with my partner at night?

    We suggest purchasing two if you plan to share with a loved one in order to fully experience the benefits of your Sleepify Blanket.  We don't have to share EVERYTHING, now do we? 

    Is there scientific evidence to back up weighted blankets?

    There are lots of articles available online.  Here are a couple to start with:


    Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders

    Medical Daily

    Dr. Oz